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I work with clients who are experiencing emotional trauma due to abandonment, rejection or separation from a significant person in their lives.

Together we work to release those feelings of anger, resentment and confusion that come up when they feel totally isolated and alone, helping them to step forward in life and form healthy future relationships.

Prolonged stress and negative thoughts/feelings affect our body’s performance, our energy/vibration, slowing us down, and creating disharmony within our body and minds.

Changing from a negative to a positive mindset is one of the biggest challenges faced by human beings today, this is where Kinesiology can be so helpful as the sessions help you to address the deep  negative emotions, fears, anxieties or outdated beliefs you may have, by exposing the why’s, (why do I think like this? Why do I react like this? Etc) 

Kinesiology helps you diffuse these stresses, working towards recognising and understanding yourself and your reactions, helping to a re-establish a balanced sense of wellbeing. 

My aim is to establish and maintain a position of positive wellbeing for my clients, to enable this during a session I may use flower essences, sound therapy, acupressure, chakra balancing, emotional diffusion etc.


How many sessions will I need?

If you have been under stress for a long time, then it stands to reason that 1 session is not going to give you the best chance of coming back into a balanced state of being. 

depending on the issue at hand, it is expected that a client will need between 4-6 sessions spread over several weeks to see a significant improvement in themselves..


what can kinesiology help me with?

Kinesiology is particularly useful for a wide range of issues, we have touched on stress, but Kinesiology can also help with: 






Physical pain

Sleep issues and many more.

Gift vouchers are available if you wish to treat someone in your life to something different.

Testimonials - what clients say about their experience's


I don’t usually write reviews unless someone gives of themselves that extra personal touch. If I’m not happy with a service I just don’t go back. I must admit I was a bit sceptical but had to give Kinesiology a go. I’m so glad I chose such a compassionate understanding lady who instantly made me feel at ease. Linda’s professionalism and awareness are attributed to her beautiful personality.
My Kinesiology was nothing short of amazing and uplifting. Thank you so much Linda. I’m no longer a sceptic but a believer in Kinesiology but obviously it has to be with the right person – Tania G


I had no real idea of this practice to be honest , but at a time in my life I needed help. A good friend recommend Linda. I have embraced the process , and I truly trust the process, I am more centered and able to face life and all that unfolds head on . Linda is a kind gentle soul that makes you feel instantly at ease . I can’t recommend Linda enough !! I can’t imagine my life’s journey now without kinesiology – Karen H

Kinesiology is great for balancing and restoring good health to the body, relieving stress and anxiety, and really helps to not only revitalise your body, but to balance you emotionally and mentally as well. I have completed a series of treatments with Linda . Linda was extremely professional and caring and I highly recommend a visit. –Julie W


Linda is such a beautiful person and has helped me feel so much more centered, I love my sessions with her! Couldn't recommend her highly enough, just fabulous – Michelle M


The Lovely Lady Linda is very understanding, compassionate and professional all at the same time. She is a great Kinesiologist, careful and considerate. I will have her work on me anytime – Pamela H


Stepping forward with the most unbelievable awakening of my best possible self ... love you and your work my lovely Kinesiologist Linda Allen...
The last 9 months have been the most amazing journey and my best is yet to come ...  – Karen H


"Hi Linda,
Just wanted to thank you again for all your help with Samara. When she first visited you, she was a very anxious 8-year-old little girl, who couldn't understand or express her feelings. She would just deal with life as best she could, mostly internalising her feelings and therefore feeding her anxiety.
Thanks to you and your Kinesiology sessions pin pointing what was troubling Samara, we were able to work on the issues you identified with her. She is now a much happier, confident little girl and is doing much better at school.
Can't thank you enough, as it is so great to see our little girl living and enjoying her life, instead of carrying around a dark cloud in her head.
My wife and I really think you should specialize in kinesiology for children, as you have a true gift in the way you gain their trust and then identify the problems they are experiencing.

Thank you once again" – Tony R

"Hi my name is Marie, I'm 59 years of age, when I attended Linda 8 weeks ago I was suffering from lower back pain, I was unable to get out of bed in the mornings without first having to curl up in a ball and ease myself off the bed and it would take a lot of stretching for me to loosen up, I also have nerve pain in my left foot and always had to wear orthotics, that was until i had 8 sessions of kinesiology to my amazement the back pain started to ease from my third session and by the end of the sixth session it was completely gone.  I now can get up in the mornings pain free and i can now go without my orthotics, Linda is a wonderful therapist. " - Marie McG

"Hi Linda, just wanted to say your magic is working and I've seen such an improvement with my daughters confidence.  Even she said "not sure how it works but I feel more in control of my emotions", she has finally found her voice and is able to pinpoint situations that trigger anxiety/nervousness now.  You're working wonders woman, definitely found your calling!"- Anna W

My 10 year old son has been seeing Linda since Feb 18.  We had tried many different approaches to tackle the challenges he faces without much success.  We came to Linda with the thought of working on his Rhythmic Movement Disorder which has been prevalent since 9 months of age.  So far the changes we have noticed are:  better balance, ability to self regulate e.i pain, temperature, deep sleep after treatment and calmer energies.

Linda has a wonderful calm presence which resonated with my son and allowed treatment to be completed in a relaxed atmosphere.  Linda also treated my 8 year old daughter for anxious feelings prior to a gymnastics event.  she was able to clear her mind of the clutter and focus on what she was doing. 

Our family have had wonderful success with Linda's treatment and we are ever so grateful she came into our lives. 

If you want to ask me any questions about our experience, I am certain Linda will put you in touch with me.

- Michelle C


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 What happens in a kinesiology session and how much are they?

well lots really!  but basically, you come with an issue, the kinesiologist (me) uses muscle testing to find the underlying, subconscious cause(s) of your current issue and brings them into your awareness.    With that awareness comes self healing, you can't make any changes in life unless you know what it is exactly that is holding you back, this and various techiques I used to bring about harmony around the issue, enables you to start the journey back to who you really are or to move forward being who you want to be.   A Kinesiology session is $100 and usually last an hour,   If you would like to know more please contact me or book an appointment.






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